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Topographic globes
Topgraphic data is based on MOLA data.
5 km/px (miniglobe)
2.5 km/px
1.3 km/px  (high resolution)

Downloads: You can view the globes offline:  download and open:
TOPO  medium high

Albedo  globes
Based on MOC images taken in 1999 (albedo features - dark sand-covered and sand-free areas- change fast because of the wind and global dust storms. In places, Mars is different now from its 1999 appearance.)
5 km/px (miniglobe)
2.5 km/px (medium)
1.3 km/px
(high resolution)

Mars Globe 1878
Made after the Hungarian version  of the 1876 map of Flammarion published in  Vasárnapi Újságban (1878/21)
Mars as it appeared in 1876 to Mars in 1999 using the Split mode! You will find many similarities and several changes as well.

Selected views of Mars
Take a virtual  tour

Index of names
All formal and informal names

Make your own globe

Instructions on how to assembly your own Mars globe

Cartographers: Henrik Hargitai (map), Mátyás Gede (VRML/Globes)
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