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ice and snow morphology

Ice and snow studies at ELTE CMSRG Planetology Group


Ice morphology
Methods to study ice morphology
Ice meteorites
DDS and ice

Activities since 2001

Ice phenology; thickness and development
We analize lake ice phenology (temporal) and thickness datasets available from 1908; with special focus on climate change. Ice monitoring today is made using public webcams installed on the shoreline.

Ice probes
We develop methods for ice characterization, using various techniques ("Ice Hunveyor" university probe)

Acoustic modeling of ice development
We record the sound of ice using hydrophone and microphone to get data about crack development; and use these data for Europa ice crust characterization

Listen to the sound of ice
Satellite imagery
We compare planetary landforms to Lake Ice macroscale landfroms using satellite and airborn imagery and other observations from the beginning of the 20th century

More than 100 years of observation
We study ice landforms, based on a row of observations on Lake Balaton going back to more than a century of detailed study

Snow landforms
When ice is covered by snow, we are able to study snow landforms from barchans to blowouts to wind streaks and compare them to planetary landforms to reveal their origin

Ice tectonics
We compare planetary landforms of icy bodies, possible remnant ice on Mars and sea Ice on the Earth  to micro- and mesoscale Lake ice landforms from in situ observations and measurements: tectonic landforms (fault lines) and ice block and multiple ice block development

Air and water in ice
... 'volcanic' lanforms (formed by melting from beneath), air bubbles and liquid lenses and layers (warmed by insulation)

Special landforms
... butterfly patterned ice ridges comparable to Europan ice landforms  .... and a lot more....

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